Tax Free

Information on Tax-Free Shopping for Foreign Visitors

We are “La Vinée” a wine shop in Ebisu, Tokyo.
We continuously maintain a stock over 1,000 different types of wine selected by a sommelier and imported from France. Nearly all of our wines can be purchased tax-free (price restrictions apply).
Tax-free percentage
Tax-free purchasers are exempted from paying the 8% consumption tax. The amount you pay upon purchase is the tax-exempted price.
Persons eligible for tax-free purchases
Tax-free purchases are available only to “non-residents.” Foreign visitors are generally considered to be non-residents.
Persons who work at an office/company located in Japan.
Persons who have been in Japan for 6 months or longer.
Additionally, tax exemption does not apply to products purchased for commercial purposes.
Price restrictions
The amount of tax-free purchases that one person can make at any single tax-free shop in a single day is from 5,001 to 500,000 yen (before taxes).
Other requirements
The wine your purchase must leave Japan within 30 days of your purchase. The package sealed with the official sticker must not be opened until the wine has left Japan.
Place ( B1 of the Ebisu Garden Place )


Let us know at the checkout counter that you wish to purchase tax-free.
Present your passport to the clerk.
You MUST have your passport at the time of purchase to make a tax-free purchase.
Enter the required information on the Purchaser Agreement, which covers the terms of consumption tax-exempted purchases. The clerk will then attach the Record of Purchase of Consumption Tax-Exempt for Export slip to your passport, and affix a tally impression (a seal over the edges of adjacent sheets).
Pay the consumption tax-exempted purchase amount.
We will place your purchase in a designated clear plastic bag or pack it in a carton, and apply a designated sticker. Please do not remove this sticker or open the bag before you leave Japan.
We will also attach a receipt to your purchase that shows an itemized list of all that you purchased. Likewise, please make sure not to remove this receipt.
Take your wine with you to the airport on your day of departure.
[ IMPORTANT ] No liquids (including wine) that you have purchased may be taken aboard your flight with your carry-on baggage. Make sure to check your purchase in as check-in baggage at the check-in counter.
Go to the customs counter and present the “Record of Purchase of Consumption Tax-Exempt for Export” slip that is attached to your passport. Also let them know that you have checked in your wine as check-in baggage.
For any wine-related (or other) questions, please email us at the address below ( Japanese, English, or French )